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Our concept = "Real Japan"

1.Serving authentic Japanese food.


2.To provide an authentic Japanese space.



3.To be served by a real Japanese chef.



CEO / Head Chef


Salam! I visited Morocco for the first time in 2019. I learned that there are many people in Morocco who are interested in Japanese culture. However, at the same time, I learned that it is very difficult for Moroccans to actually visit Japan. Even if you have "watched" Japanese food in Anime or movies, very few people have actually eaten it. I love Morocco, so I decided to open this shop because I wanted to share Japanese culture with Moroccan people. My motto is "Tell the people of Morocco the wonders of Japanese culture." In addition to serving real sushi which is representative of Japanese cuisine, in a realistic style, I also paid attention to the interior and atmosphere of the restaurant. Please visit us once. Arigato gozaimas.

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